$$Money, Money, Money$$

You Want It! You Need It!!Woman with MoneyMost people just cannot get enough Money!  Even those that have plenty still want more!  So why the obsession with Money?  What’s so alluring about Money? Do you really need as much Money as you think?

A person’s status has always been tied to the amount of wealth they possessed. The more wealth one has, the more social, political, and economical power one possesses.   Prior to the existence of Money, wealth was determined by the amount of property one owned.  Land and goods such as fine fabrics, livestock, jewelry, etc. were used to “pay” for things one wanted and/or needed.  Today, Money is the most used form of payment. As such, the amount of Money one possesses determines the level of wealth and status.  Of course, property such as real estate, vehicles, boats, land, livestock, gold, and other such goods add to one’s wealth and status as well.

Rev. Michael Kelly recently said, “Who (What) holds your Identity, has Power over you!”  Wow!  So True!  Think about your own life for a moment.  IdentityWho (What) holds your identity?  Is it Your significant other or Your child?  Your circle of friends?  Your job?  Your vehicle?  Your bank account?  Your fashion? Your Sports Team? (Yes, believe it or not, some are so wrapped up in their Sports Team that their entire identity is affected by whether that Team wins or loses!).

Meet Chris, a 32 year old who has spent the better part of his young adult life working for one of the giant corporations in the U.S.  After accepting a relocation offer and working for just under a year in the new state, Chris was laid off by his company. Chris received a very generous severance package and has a healthy bank account that allows him plenty of time to find alternate employment. However, this life event devastated Chris and rendered him unable to move forward in life because his whole identity was completely tied to his position with this company. Man devastatedHe refused to look for work because he could not fathom giving himself to another company ever again! Chris has a very nice house and plenty of Money. Unfortunately, Chris has to learn the hard way that Money in itself is NOT enough and that giving anyone or anything power over his identity eventually leads to disappointment, devastation, and in many cases great loss. **Generic Photo, Not of Chris**

Money in itself is NOT evil. However, the love of Money is destructive. As the true story about Chris depicts, allowing your identity to be defined by Money, jobs, status, people, etc. brings devastation and enslavement.  Like Chris, you become “imprisoned” by this false identity. The way to FREEDOM is by finding your identity in The One Who made you! Knowing who you are and Whose you are frees you to live life without fear and worry. You are free to live life as the person you were created to be and not feel the need to conform to anyone or anything.  The One Who created you, loves you! The One Who created you knows what you need when you need it and will provide exactly what you need. Matthew 6:25-26  The One Who created you owns the world and all that it contains. Your Creator has promised to supply your every need. Philippians 4:19

How much Money do you need?  Keep in mind there is a difference between how much Money you WANT and how much Money you NEED!  The following true story clearly depicts how The One Who [God] created you, loves you, and knows what you need, supplies what you need at exactly the right time!  Ruth has experienced this on two separate occasions. The first time, Ruth was at the grocery store checkout where free bottles of water were being given with purchase. Ruth’s mother, who she was caring for at the time, was with her and Ruth asked if they could each have a free bottle of water. She was told it was one per customer card. Ruth and her mother each had a customer card, so the store allowed them to have two free bottles of water. However, the second bottle had to be swiped separately with her mother’s card and the register charged two cents tax. Yes, two cents!  God's Two CentsSounds so little, right? However, neither Ruth nor her mother had any cash. As Ruth wondered how she would pay the two cents, she looked down to the right of the register, where Ruth saw two penniesEXACTLY what she needed!!  You may be thinking, “So what? It’s two cents. Big deal!” It is a Big Deal because it was EXACTLY what she needed at that moment!  She did not need $20 or $100, she needed two cents, EXACTLY what was provided!  The second time, Ruth was at a store where her total came out to a whopping $1.12. Again, Ruth wasn’t sure she would have that amount since she rarely carried any cash.  As she opened her wallet, Ruth found that she had (you guessed it) EXACTLY $1.12!  That is all the cash she had in her wallet! Once again, Ruth received EXACTLY what she needed at the exact moment of need!

The main point from Ruth’s story is to trust that you will have what you need when you need it. You might say, “Well I need $500,000 to buy a house”.  The question to ask is do you Really need $500,000?  Do you Really need to buy a house?  If you have a roof over your head, your need for shelter has been provided. You may not be content with the type of shelter you have been provided, nonetheless, your need has been provided.  It is very important to distinguish your wants from your needs!  Many of your wants are not necessarily your needs. Furthermore, getting what you want does not always satisfy and can lead to a “false” identity.  Remember finding your identity in anything or anyone other than your Father [God] leads to being enslaved to that thing or person. You will never be FREE aside from finding your identity solely in The One Who created you!

“Who (What) holds your identity?”  You have a choice. No one can hold your identity without your consent. You can choose to place your identity in the Hands of The One Who [your Father, God] loves you most. The One Whose love is not based on how well you perform or whether or not you meet certain criteria.  Your Creator loves you unconditionally and will supply every need of yours! Philippians 4:19

What choice will you make? Will you trust The One Who loves you most and believe that your identity is safe with Him?  Will you allow Him to define you?  Will you believe that you are worth more than Money?

happy girl red wagonThe Little Red Wagon is prepared for your Journey with The One Who loves you unconditionally and declares you to be of great value!  He paid the ultimate price for you–His Life! Believe! Get into The Little Red Wagon where you can be FREE!

**Encourage others by sharing how your needs have been met by your Father in Heaven [God] in the comments below**


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