Saturday-Silent, Dark, Cold

Saturday the day between Friday and Sunday. You usually look forward to Saturday. A day of rest for some. A day of fun, relaxation, pleasure. Perhaps a day when you can get caught up on gardening, laundry, grocery shopping, or other chores.  However, this is not an ordinary Saturday.  Today you feel helpless, hopeless, distraught, alone, angry, in anguish, and in darkness.  Why? Because this Saturday you feel like it’s the end. There is no way to change what happened yesterday and you can’t imagine tomorrow!

Imagine for a moment that yesterday (Friday) the one you love the most (your child, spouse, parent, etc) was suddenly taken away, brutally killed in front of a crowd that cheered, laid in a cold, dark grave, and the worst part is they died in your place!  That’s right, the one that you love the most, traded places with you and died so you could live!

Dark GraveToday is that Saturday and the grave is incredibly SILENT, DARK, COLD!   You don’t know how you can face tomorrow. The guilt and shame are overwhelming.  How can this have happened.  Why did your loved one have to die in your place?

Thankfully this is just an exercise in imagination to help you realize the magnitude of what actually happened many years ago.  Thankfully your loved one does not have to take your place and you don’t have to die for what you’ve done!

Joyful Child Red WagonYour Father [God] knows what you have done and what you deserve.  His LOVE for you is beyond imagination. His LOVE is unconditional and eternal.  He leads you into a beautiful Father-Child relationship and places you safely in The Little Red Wagon so you can experience His LOVE.   He knows you will NEVER be FREE unless He makes the ultimate sacrifice by paying the price for your freedom.

The ONE Who loves you more than anyone ever has, ever can, or ever will, took your place. He willingly laid down His life so you could have life. He took your guilt, shame, and wrong doing and placed it on His own shoulders.  He carried the heaviest burden you could ever imagine. His sacrificial LOVE for you led Him to take your punishment.

His life for your life.

An incredible gift freely given.

Who does that? 

Jesus Christ. 

He did. 

He died. You live.

Accept His gift of life and walk in freedom today!Freedom

GO!  You have been set FREE! 

Tomorrow is a new day.  It’s Sunday. 

Come back here tomorrow and find out what happens on Sunday!


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