Sunday-Wonder, Light, Joy

Sunday, the day after Saturday! A day of rest. A day to play. A day to sleep in for some or to prepare for the week.  However, this particular Sunday, there is no rest or sleeping in because you haven’t slept all night.  The events of the past couple of days left you numb. Your heart is filled with deep pain and anguish. Your emotions are raw. Disbelief of what has happened is still so fresh in your mind. You sit staring out your window. There are no words to express the deep sorrow and loss in your heart.

Suddenly you see your closest friends running towards your door. The sound of the loud pounding on the door jars you. You can barely rouse yourself to get up and answer the door. As you open the door, your friends grab you and there is a lot of commotion.  Many excited voices all saying something unbelievable!  You can hardly breathe!  Your friends are now pulling you along and running to the grave where your loved one was laid on Friday.  That cold, dark, silent grave you visited Saturday, the day that left you without hope.

Open TombAs you approach the grave, you notice something unusual. It now appears to be an open grave.  You cautiously get a bit closer and look inside.  What? Where is the body? You are shaking and upset. Why would someone have moved the body of your loved one?  Where have they taken the body?  What is happening?  As you turn to walk away, you see someone standing behind you.  Strangely familiar, yet uncertain.  You speak to this person and when they answer your heart stops!  Unreal!  No way!  You rub your eyes thinking this must be a dream or maybe a ghost.  You shake yourself trying to wake up. Your loved one speaks to you and shares how your Father [God] restored life to them. Your loved one is ALIVE!

Remember yesterday? Saturday?  The day when everything seemed so hopeless. The day that you were crushed in spirit and broken in heart. Today is Sunday, the day after Saturday. The day that your hope is restored!  Your heart is filled with unspeakable joy! Your spirit is filled with wonder!  Sunday is the day that you realize your Father loves you with such incredible LOVE that He took your guilt and shame away.

Your Father [God] is the Creator of LIFE and the ONE Who is ABLE to give you LIFE everlasting.  He took His Word, Jesus Christ, clothed Him in flesh, and sent Him to Earth so He could make a way for you to LIVE!  (John 1:1-3, 14)  He traded His life for yours.  Jesus took all the punishment that you deserved and willingly laid down His life out of incredible, sacrificial LOVE for you! (John 10:17-18) His death was excruciating, humiliating, and heart breaking!

Christ on CrossFirst, there was Friday–the day Jesus was betrayed, rejected, and brutally killed. The day He was beaten, stripped, spat upon, whipped with horrendous sharp objects that ripped open His skin, mocked, and nailed to a cross.  Then there was Saturday–the day He laid motionless in that cold, dark grave where a heavy stone closed off the mouth of that grave ensuring no escape!

Jesus walks out of graveNow it is SundayGlorious Sunday!  The Third Day!  SundayThe Day when the incredible happened! Jesus Christ walked out of that grave ALIVE!  He is ALIVE!

Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. He lives!  He conquered death and the grave!  Unspeakable Joy!  Wonder!  Amazement!  Jesus Christ turned the darkness into Light!  He changed death into Life!  Because He lives you can face tomorrow!  Because He lives you have hope!  Because He lives you too can live!  He stands at your heart and knocks.  Will you open your heart?  Will you accept His FREE Gift of LIFE?

REJOICE!  Your Savior lives!  Joyful Child Red Wagon

Accept His Free Gift of Life!

Jump into The Little Red Wagon and take the ride of your life with your Father Who loves you more than you can imagine!


2 thoughts on “Sunday-Wonder, Light, Joy

  1. Hi Marcy! This is such a positive post. Thanks for sharing. 😊 I usually access wordpress from my phone (which has been acting up lately) and there are times I don’t get messages so I hope you receive this. Keep on writing! Looking forward to reading more…😊


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