The Journey

Imagine a little child sitting in a little red wagon being pulled along by the child's father or mother. What do you see?  One day, during my days at Seminary, while out on my walk with my Father [God] , that's exactly what I witnessed. As I watched this scene, I noticed that the child … Continue reading The Journey


$$Money, Money, Money$$ You Want It! You Need It!!Most people just cannot get enough Money!  Even those that have plenty still want more!  So why the obsession with Money?  What's so alluring about Money? Do you really need as much Money as you think? A person's status has always been tied to the amount of wealth … Continue reading $$MONEY, MONEY, MONEY$$


Do you feel Invisible? Do you feel like no one sees you?  No one cares? Every day you get up and go through the same routine. Every day you go to bed, hopefully sleep, and wake up to go through the same routine again. Maybe your life feels like it's on autopilot. Maybe you wonder if … Continue reading INVISIBLE