Which Way to the Bus?

Have you ever noticed how you seem to follow the same patterns that make you feel comfortable?  Do you resist following a new way when it is presented? Does the thought of trying something new or different make you feel uncomfortable and/or anxious?

Which Way to the Bus?Red Bus

A recent encounter with a friend who needed to get home by bus created an unexpected tension between us.  As I tried to provide the easiest, safest, most direct route I could find, she was quite resistant and only wanted to know where the bus stop was for a anxious-womancertain bus number.  Taking the bus she was most familiar and comfortable with would cause her to have to walk much further to that bus stop, make at least two transfers, and take much longer than the direct route I found.  Like many others, my friend was uncomfortable and anxious about going into uncharted territory!

When you are looking for the right path, do you only want an answer that fits with the route you are used to taking or are you interested in finding the best route to your destination?

You may think the best path to your destination is the one that is most familiar and comfortable. However, that path might just be the one that is delaying you from arriving at your destination.  Sure, the unfamiliar and the new can be scary.  However, if you trust the one who is providing the direction, the uncharted path can be exciting and freeing.  Think of how you will grow and learn and expand.  You will break free of the chains that keep you stuck in the comfortable, old ways of being and doing.  You will gain confidence and courage as you step out on a new path and see that you are able. You can go in a new direction and arrive at your destination.  You will see how fear has kept you from moving forward in life and you will feel so thankful that you tried and triumphed!

The One Who created you, made you, designed you in the womb, knows you better than anyone ever will, and loves you more than anyone ever can is the One Who knows the way (Psalm 139:13-14).  He is your Father [God] and He is the One you can trust!

Your Father [God] cares for you and wants to provide you with the best route to your destination. It’s time for new things.  It’s time for change. It’s time for a new direction.girl getting in red wagon.jpg It’s time to jump into The Little Red Wagon and trust your Father. Open your eyes wide, open your mind and move forward. Leave the familiar and the comfortable behind.




Your Father is waiting for you!  Fling yourself into His strong arms and believe He will carry you.  He is with you every step of the way.  He will not leave you!  He promises! Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

4 thoughts on “Which Way to the Bus?

  1. Dear Marcy,

    Good to hear that you are adding to your future devotional book. I’m sure we can all relate to not immediately embracing the unknown!



  2. How true Marcy!
    Change is hard, but when we thrust our selves in God’s hands …..it becomes easy.
    Like everything else, the first time is hard, but then the second time is a piece of cake.
    Keep on writing and encouraging!


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