Life is like a Parade!

Parades are fun events that include both spectators and participators. You can enjoy watching the parade pass by or you can join in and be part of the parade.20170629_114610[1]

When is the last time you watched a parade?  How did you feel?  What did you think as the participants passed by you?

Have you ever been in a parade?  Have you ever wished you were one of the participants in the parade?

20170629_114633[1]Life is like a Parade.

You can stand on the sidelines and watch as life passes by or you can jump in and participate.

Are you a Spectator or a Participator right now?

Spectators feel life just happens.  They stand by and watch as others move right past them.  Many have a victim mentality and blame everything in their life on someone or something. They feel helpless and believe they have no control over their circumstances.

Participators get in the game. They take action and move forward into life.  They know they can overcome many obstacles by being proactive.  They look for ways to grow and to be fully present in life.

Yes, there are some circumstances that neither has control over in life.  However, the difference is in how you view your circumstances.  You can either wallow in self pity and stay there as life marches on or you can accept the circumstances and look for ways to continue moving forward as you learn and grow.

baton twirl

Think of baton twirlers in the parade. When one drops the baton, they usually pick it up and continue marching forward and twirling the baton.  Of course, they could give up and run off to the sideline and become a spectator rather than a participator in the parade!

Maybe you are at a place in life today that has gotten you down.  Maybe you feel helpless and left out. Maybe you feel like no one cares. Maybe you feel like running to the sidelines and giving up. 
There is hope!  Don’t give up!  Your Father [God] sees you!  He knows!  He has not given up on you.  He is right there with you.  Psalm 139

Today is your day to participate in life.  Your Father [God] is waiting for you to accept His invitation to join Him in the life He has planned for you.  Jeremiah 29:11

The Little Red Wagon is lovingly decorated just for you.  decorated red wagon with baby girl

Will you say yes to your Father?  Will you hop into The Little Red Wagon and be a participator?  Don’t be a spectator and let the parade pass you by, get in The Little Red Wagon and participate in the parade of life.  Your life! 


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