You Asked for It! You Got It!

20170629_114610[1]You accepted your Father’s invitation to get in The Little Red Wagon and have been on the ride for a long time. You are wondering when you will get to your destination. You have a dream you can’t wait to see come true.

You waited and waited and waited. You asked and asked and asked. You searched and searched and searched. You wondered and wondered and wondered.

You’ve arrived! Don’t you just love those two words?  Do you use GPS?  When you get to your destination, you’re GPS announces, “You’ve arrived“.

You asked for it, you got it!  But wait, that _________ (job, house, spouse, etc.) you’ve been asking for and waiting for and now you’ve received does not seem to quite fulfill your dream.  You thought you would be so happy once you received your request. Yet, somehow you are not all that excited.

husky dreamingHmmm, maybe you just want to sit in The Little Red Wagon and dream.  Yeah, that’s the best….dreaming.  After all dreams do come true, don’t they?

Sometimes dreams come true and seem to be just the way you had dreamed. That new school, career, person is just what you dreamed and you are walking on air.  However, sometimes dreams come true, just not exactly the way you had hoped.  Maybe you asked your Father for a job.  You waited and searched and hoped and prayed and finally a door opens and you are offered a job.  Yay!  Thank You Father!  You asked for it, you got it!

Or did you?  Child scratching head with question mark on blackboard concept fThe job does not seem to be exactly what you hoped and dreamed?  Do you decide against what you are given?  Do you choose not to receive?  Do you keep looking?  Or do you look up to your faithful Father and ask Him to give you His perspective?

There is the possibility that this may not be what your Father has in store for you.  You might need to keep asking and keep waiting until He shows you clearly the right job (school, person, etc.).   However, many times what you ask for and what you receive may not look exactly the way you pictured.  Your Father may give you what you asked for packaged in a different way than you imagined.  This is where you will need His perspective to see that He has given you what you asked .

Hard to imagine?  Think of a woman who dreams of having children.  She prays and waits and agonizes for the day she will be a mother.  Her Father, Who loves her has a plan to give her children, just not the way she imagined.  Instead of giving birth to children of her own, He may provide children through adoption or He might give her the opportunity of “mothering” many children through foster care or by working in an orphanage.  Her dream is fulfilled. She asked for it, she got it!  The dream came in a different “package” than what she was expecting.

Maybe your dream is to be a writer.  You long for the day that an editor will pick up a manuscript you wrote and grant you the green light.  You dream, you write, you pray, you wait.  However, instead of a book deal, your Father gives you the opportunity to write and reach people via social media or through a company. Perhaps you will write for the news, for missions, or a magazine, etc.  Your dream was given in a way that you were not looking for or expecting.

There are many more examples that could be listed.  However, the main idea is to think outside the box. Your Father has many ways of giving you what you ask.  Don’t limit Him. Of course, if there is a dream in your heart that you desire to have specifically come true, be specific in your request.  Keep asking specifically.  However, be open to how the dream might be fulfilled.  Allow room for your Father to show you how He is giving you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37_4Just be sure that you are staying close to Him.  You are seeking Him.

You want the Giver more than you want the gift!  That is the key to unlocking your dreams!  When you want what He wants, your desires will come to pass!  It’s His promise!

Your Father Loves you!  Keep trusting Him as you let go of the reins and ride along in The Little Red Wagon.  You’re Father’s Got you!

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