approveApproval Wanted.

Acceptance Desired.

We all want to be accepted and approved in life.  We seek acceptance among our peers, from our parents, family members, friends, social clubs, etc.  We look for approval from these same sources as well as from teachers, professors, supervisors, leaders, etc.  You might dress, talk, act, think; in essence become like those you want to accept you.  You might work extra hard, take on special assignments, try your best to behave the way you believe will bring you the approval you so desperately seek.

Seeking the approval of others can lead you to become arrogant, prideful, self-centered. When you work hard to “fit in” so you can be accepted by a certain group or individual you are finding your identity in their approval or disapproval.  You will find yourself now behaving according to the way you are labeled by this group or individual. If you are accepted, you will take on more of their personality as your own and essentially become like them.  If you are not accepted, you may try harder to be accepted which might push those you are trying to impress even further away.  You may also become withdrawn, unhappy, inhibited, and uncomfortable being yourself around this group or individual.  This creates a “false” impression of who you are in the eyes of these individuals.  Whether you are seen as one of them or not, it is not the real you.

depressedAll of this striving and seeking approval and acceptance can lead to a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, low self-worth, isolation, and even depression.

How would your life change if you did NOT have to do anything to gain acceptance and approval?  What if you could just wake up, dress the way you are most comfortable, be who you truly are when no one is watching, relax around others, and know that NO MATTER WHAT




The TRUTH is  YOU ARE ACCEPTED!  YOU ARE APPROVED! YOU ARE seeking-approval-verseLOVED!  By The One Who made you!  Your Creator!  Your Father [God]!  His LOVE for you is NOT dependent on ANY THING you say or do or the way you look.  His LOVE for you is dependent on His Character.  You see, Your Father [God] is LOVE!  His very nature is LOVE!  In LOVE He created you and in LOVE He preserves you!

You are FREE from the chains. Never allow yourself to be a slave to the opinions of others.  You are not defined by what anyone thinks about you.  Be who you are created to be by your Father [God]. Walk in the knowledge that you belong to Him. You have His Approval, His Acceptance, His Love.

When you walk in His freedom, others will see the real you. You will be more comfortable in your skin and you will have confidence, courage, and security that is yours as His child.  You may or may not be accepted or approved by others, but you do not need anyone’s acceptance or approval.

Your Father is always there with arms wide open. Run to Him. Find your real self in His arms of Love, Acceptance, and Approval.  This is where the real you can be found.  This is where you can let go of all pretense and Just Be!

happy girl red wagonAnd of course, this is a great time for a Joy Ride…so go ahead and get in The Little Red Wagon and have a blast with your Father, Who loves you unconditionally!

2 thoughts on ““APPROVED! ACCEPTED!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Mechelle! So thankful you know who you are in Christ! You are ACCEPTED and APPROVED by the ONE WHO matters most–your Father in Heaven! 🙂


  2. Good job! I thought it might be a number, like when I turn 50 I will be able to care less and act out who I really feel that I am. Consequently that came as I grew in my knowledge of who I am in Christ and not waiting to join the little red hat society. Keep up the great writing. Mechelle

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