The Battle for Your Soul!

dollhouse_miniature_red_wagon_21The Little Red Wagon beckons you as your Father [God] lovingly and patiently waits for you to accept His invitation.  He has invited you to climb into The Little Red Wagon with abandon. He loves you with an amazing love. He has a plan for you. He knows the way. He will never leave you.  He will take excellent care of you, protect you, and provide everything you will ever need.  He is able to take you places you never dreamed of and can never arrive at on your own. So what is keeping you from climbing into The Little Red Wagon?

As strong as your Father’s love is for you, there is another force at work that wants to keep you from experiencing that love.  That force is the enemy of your soul!  What is that force? That force has a name, it is satan!  He is the enemy of your Father [God] and of your soul.  Sure, many do not believe satan exists.  Many like to make fun and joke about satan.   Spiritual WarfareHowever, whether or not you choose to believe, he is a real foe and is right now engaged in a Battle for Your Soul!  Ephesians 6:12

The way satan works is to lie, deceive, lure, and tempt you to accept anything other than your Father’s love.  He is very crafty and will use any means to convince you that you are too intelligent to believe there is a God Who loves you.  Or that you need God. He wants you to believe that there is no God or that you are your own god. Or perhaps that there is some higher power out there and you have to WORK to attain status enough to be in good graces with this higher power. He does not care which way you choose as long as you are led away from The Truth!

Your Father [God] is fighting for you.  He has won and yours is the victory in Him. 1 Corinthians 15:57  He defeated satan at The Cross. Romans 16:20    It is Finished, Jesus.pngHis incredible and unconditional love for you is demonstrated in The CrossThe Cross is the ultimate victory over satan and death.  Your Father has won The Battle!  He has made a way for you to be set FREE. Accepting His FREE Gift of Life forever with Him sets your Soul FREE!  No claim by satan or anyone can ever take away your FREEDOM in Jesus Christ! Jesus cross 2Cor5v21 At The Cross God took away every wrong thing that all Humans have ever done and will ever do and placed that heavy, dark load onto the ONLY ONE that was able to declare you righteous,  Jesus Christ. He was with God from the beginning. John 1:1-5  You see, Jesus is the Word of God. He was made flesh and sent to Earth on a mission.  John 1:14  His mission was to defeat the enemy of God, satan and of your soul and to demonstrate God’s LOVE for you!  He willingly gave His life so you could live.  He died to set you FREE from the lies and deception of the enemy of your soul.  He defeated satan so you could live in victory.

Will you accept your Father’s invitation and join Him in The Little Red Wagon?  Receive His FREE Gift and live in the knowledge that you have been set FREE!  You can have peace knowing that The Battle for Your Soul has been won! child-in-speeding-wagon

Surrender to the ONE WHO LOVES YOU more than anyone ever has, ever could, or ever will!  Sweetly Broken–Jeremy Riddle

**If you have not read the Bible, please consider starting today.  Your Father is waiting to show you The Truth!  The Truth will set you FREE but you have to know The Truth!**


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