“Just Be”


World Moving FastLife is moving fast in today’s world.  Many people are constantly on “Go” mode and seem to be unable to stop and “Just Be“.  Even at night, many are unable to slow down and unplug making sleep difficult.  How about you?  Do you find that life is moving at breakneck speed? Are you overwhelmed by your daily schedule? Are you impatient when something or someone slows you down?

You trusted that your Father [God] had a plan so you climbed into The Little Red Wagon and as He started to pull you forward you enjoyed the ride so much you wanted to go faster and faster.  Come on Dad, Go!  Yay!  Even though there were twists, turns, detours, rough roads, and other challenges along the way, you still wanted to keep moving forward!  When The Little Red Wagon stopped at times during your Journey, you wondered, “Why are we stopping?  Come on Dad, Pull!  Let’s Go!”

Your Father knows the plan. Jeremiah 29:11  He has a purpose for your stops along the way. The Little Red Wagon has come to a “rest” in the Seattle WA area.  The Journey has been incredible and continues to be amazing even at “rest“.  Times of rest are necessary if you are going to finish your Journey.  However, resting does not necessarily mean doing nothing. Yes, sometimes it means letting go and doing nothing at all. Take your hands off and allow your Father to take care of you.  Other times it means being actively involved in “The Plan”.  The difference is that you stop striving.  Stop trying to figure it all out.  Stop trying to make things happen in your own strength and allow your Father to do what only He is able.  And know that He is ABLE! Nothing is impossible with God! Nothing is too difficult for Him!  Jeremiah 32:17, 27; Luke 18:27

Whatever your circumstance is today, know that your Father sees you!  He is able to bring you safely through this part of The Journey. So when your Father [God] says, “Just Be” will you trust Him?  Will you still believe His plan is best?  Will you stop rushing about and trying to figure it all out? Stop trying to hurry past this season! Stop Striving!

Just BeJust Be!”  The Journey has not ended. You may be at a place of rest for now, but know you will move forward at the right time . Your Father is in control and has not abandoned you.  He will never leave you!  Hebrews 13:5  He’s right there with you in the moving and in the stillness.  He’s got you!  Rest in His Arms!  “Just Be!”




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