Journey Interrupted!

When you encounter an interruption that brings an unexpected delay to your schedule, what is your response?  Do you react and allow it to ruin your day?  Do you get completely stressed?  Do you wonder why?  Why is this happening?  Why now?

The Little Red Wagon set out today from Lake Oswego, Oregon (just SE of Portland) heading to the Seattle WA area.  The journey was planned to take the scenic, longer route.  45 minutes into the journey while driving through the beautiful Tillamook Foresttillamook-forest-trees

my car beeps and in GIANT RED letters STOP  Check Coolant!STOPWhat????  There’s nowhere to stop on this road. Oh Father, not now!  Why is this happening now?  Why didn’t it happen yesterday?

I kept driving!  Not a great idea, what if the car catches on fire!  So I pulled off to the side when I found a wider spot. Turned the engine off and sat for about 10 minutes.  Then decided to try again.  Drove about 10-15 minutes when the beeping started again and those unsettling GIANT RED letters STOP appeared again!

Rest-Area-FeaturedThis time I found a Rest Area and pulled in thinking someone with some coolant would be great right about now!  I got out and could not get the hood to open!  As I fiddled with it I looked up and a NAPA Auto Parts truck pulled into the Rest Area. WOW! Thank you Father!

The driver was very kind and willing to help. Unfortunately he did NOT have any coolant on his truck!  He was able to get the hood open after much labor (apparently the last place that serviced the car broke the pull for the latch!). He advised we put water in the reservoir then drive to the nearest NAPA Auto Parts store to get the coolant.  Following his advice, arrived safely at the store. The store attendant says we cannot put coolant in since the reservoir is full of water now and we cannot drain the water. He proceeds to pull out the oil dip stick and says it is bone dry!  So we put oil in and The Little Red Wagon rolled down the road again!  Four more hours without a problem!  All Praise to the Father Who protects His children!

Even though this was a totally unexpected interruption and did not make any sense why it happened at this particular moment, I had a peace that all would be well.  A peace that can only be explained by knowing that your Father [God] is in control.  He’s been with you every minute of your journey. He has never left you. He has provided and taken care of you all along the way.  Trust Him to pull The Little Red Wagon safely to the destination.  You can rest in the knowledge that your Father is in control and knows what lies ahead on your journey.  Nothing surprises Him.  He sees ahead and has a plan. He will take care of you!

Amazingly The Little Red Wagon, although a few hours late, arrived safely in the Seattle WA area tonight.  Not only that, but there was an incredible surprise waiting to be enjoyed on the journey!  A bridge that goes straight down into the water like a roller coaster and ends straight into a mountain (or so it seems)!  It actually dead ends in front of a mountain!  The most amazing experience!  So cool!  If you are ever in Astoria Oregon, you must drive on this bridge and experience it for yourself!  Check this short video out!  Here’s info about this bridge for those interested in knowing more! The Astoria-Megler Bridge.

Go ahead, throw your arms up in the air and ride The Little Red Wagon down this roller coaster!  Your Father [God] is holding you tight in His mighty arms!  He won’t let you go!child-in-speeding-wagon

4 thoughts on “Journey Interrupted!

  1. I am sorry for your bad dream and anxiety! Thankful that God used my experience to remind you that He is watching over you always! He loves you with an amazing love!

    Thank you for sharing Myriah! And for reading my blog! God is so faithful and good!


  2. It’s 2am and I awoke from a terrible dream and couldn’t get back to sleep bc it gave me anxiety. I decided to read your blog and saw how God protected you! Reminded me that I don’t need to be anxious about this dream, bc God is ever watching over me as he does all his children!!! Amazing!!!


  3. Thank you Carmeta! Thankful that God gives me the experiences and words to share that encourages, inspires, and blesses me and others.

    He’s a good Father!


  4. Marcy:

    What an awesome experience.
    God, our Heavenly Father, does take care of us.
    This proves over and over again, we must not worry, just trust.
    Give Him all our anxious thoughts and anxieties and He will take
    good care of us. This inspired me. Over and over again, God
    allows things to happen to His children so that through the
    experience, they can be an encouragement to others.



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