Rest. Be Still.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Little Red Wagon has come to a stop for a little while and you want to keep moving. “Come on Daddy, let’s go! Pull. Go. Move. Why are we waiting? Let’s GO!”

Think back to your childhood. Remember a time when you wanted to go somewhere or do something and your father or mother said, “Not now”?  You probably asked, “Why?” several times as you begged and whined. You did not understand why you could not go right at that moment. You may have even walked away for a bit and come back to ask again, hoping this time the answer would be YES!  Your father or mother knew what was best for you and lovingly made decisions that would provide the best outcome for you.

A funny (NOT so Funny) Story from my childhood:  I remember sitting in the front seat of my mother’s car as we stopped at a RED Light!  (I don’t remember how old I was, but I certainly did not realize what I was doing!).  I was pretending to drive and so when we stopped at the RED Light and my mother took her foot from the GAS pedal to the BRAKE pedal, I placed my little foot on the GAS pedal and PRESSED!!!   Imagine my mother’s surprise! And the horror!  Thankfully our Father [God] was in control and protected us!  But it could have been disastrous!  child-driving-a-car

Have you experienced wanting to move forward when your Father [God] is saying, “Sit tight. Rest. Be Still.”?  What was your response?  Did you move your foot to the GAS pedal and PRESS hoping to sail past the detours and rough places?  You were looking forward to what’s ahead and excited to arrive at your destination.  Things were rolling right along.  Why wait? Why not move ahead right now? “Come on Dad, Let’s Go. Keep Moving. PULL!”

Your Father knows what you need and He knows the PLAN.  He is never too early or too late. There are times when you just need to REST. You need to Be Still. You need this time of preparation so you can continue on The Journey.   Refreshed, RestedRelaxed.  Perhaps there is something your Father wants to say to you and you can only hear His Voice if you are NOT moving. REST. Be Still.  Allow your Father to get close and whisper in your ear!

Embrace the moment. Cherish The JourneySlow Down.  Don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination.  Enjoy the ride. Open your eyes, look around, take in the sights. There are so many important lessons and beautiful gifts along the way.

Today’s beautiful gift! 20170310_160625[1] (Multnomah Falls in the Portland Oregon area).

Your Father is preparing you for all He has planned just for you. He knows what you are feeling right now.  He knows your heart. He sees you. He hears you.  He is right beside you. He is watching over you. He will see you through this part of The JourneyRest.

He knows the way. He knows what lies around every curve and bend. He knows when to slow down and when to stop. He knows when it’s time to move forward. He will protect you and get you safely to your destination. You will arrive at the right time and you will be blown away by how your Father has exceeded your every expectation!  Ephesians 3:20-21

sleeping in red wagonBelieve.


Be Still.

6 thoughts on “Rest. Be Still.

  1. Thank you Ruth! I appreciate you checking in and sharing! I join with you in asking God to give you wisdom and direct your decisions! I pray your mother is doing better and the medication situation has been resolved!

    Many blessings to you and yours!


  2. I think God has designed the format of this blog to force me to rest, be still, and trust God. I find myself wondering where Marcy is driving, who she is staying with, what phone calls she has received, how she has responded to them, and hints about her future.

    But all that information is less important than learning to trust God more, even when there is less information available.

    My 89-year-old mother, who is blind, was in the hospital with dehydration and flu Friday night through yesterday (Wednesday). During that time, I received several phone calls regarding my parents’ business in another state. This morning my mother told me over the phone from her assisted living apartment, “I feel so weak I wonder if I might pass out, but I am fine to stay alone.” There is some confusion about her medicines.

    To respond to the business challenges and my responsibilities helping manage her health care, James 1:5 came to mind. Solomon asked God for wisdom to best handle his responsibilities as king. Today I am asking God for wisdom to best handle my responsibilities caring for my parents and their businesses.


  3. It sounds like he has us both in a period of trust and rest. It feels strange when one is used to going and doing. Getting off the hamster wheel has brought many challenges of rethinking purpose and opening hearts to His ways for His glory. What a beautiful place to be.

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