“Rough Road Ahead”

You said, “Yes” to your Father and climbed into The Little Red Wagon trusting He knows the way and you are safe in His Hands. So what do you do when the path you are following suddenly does not make sense?  Do you bail?  Do you complain and whine and whimper all the way? Or Do you sit tight and relax, still trusting that your Father knows and you are safe in His Hands!  He has NOT left you and He will bring you safely to your destination.

winter road caThis morning The Little Red Wagon set out once again on The Journey. Leaving Arcata CA heading to Lake Oswego OR hoping to see the California Redwoods as well as the Oregon Coast.  Following the advice of a local to take a quick detour off the route to see The Lady Bird Johnson Grove, I found the road very rough, deserted, twisty, dark, and narrow. Dodging huge logging trucks with fear of being pushed off the side of the mountain was a harrowing experience! Arriving at the parking area brought no relief either as it was deserted and dark and did not seem safe. Not wanting to travel back on this same rough road, I decided to continue forward in hopes that it would get better and connect me back to my main route further down.

The road continued to be rough for quite a ways and then turned into a beautifully smooth, paved roadway!  Yay!  As The Little Red Wagon happily sailed on, a sign up ahead read, “Pavement Ends”!!  What?????  You’ve got to be kidding! “Pavement Ends”!  What is going on?  What does that mean?  What happens now?  Where does this very rough muddy dirt road with large watery/muddy potholes and no end in sight lead?  pavement ends

Praying!  Pleading!  Complaining about how this is wasting my time. Time that I could be spending at the Redwood National Park.  I asked over and over why is this happening?  What am I supposed to learn?  Please get me out of here!  Deep down inside I believed my Father would rescue me. Yet, I could not seem to relax and trust! Please, please, please!

Your Father [God] knows the way!  He will see you safely to your destination.  He has not forgotten you.  He will not leave you. He always comes through for you, always!  The way He comes through may not look the way you thought or even wanted, but His way is best.

He got me out of there alright!  He sent me a driver traveling towards me on that muddy dirt road that was familiar with the area. Where does this road go, does the road become paved again, can I connect back to my route by continuing in this direction?  Guess what?  The way out was to turn around and go back!  Yes, back down that awful road I was trying to avoid in the first place that got me into this mess!

many roadsWhat “Rough Road” are you trying so hard to avoid right now?  You may try several other roads hoping to get to your destination without having to travel down the “Rough Road”. You might even go so far as taking a road that leads you into unsafe territory just to avoid the “Rough Road”. By trying to avoid that “Rough Road”, you find that you have ended up on an even “rougher” road and the only way out is to turn around and travel down that “Rough Road”.

Trust your Father!  He knows the way. He has a plan. He has a purpose for taking you down that “Rough Road”.  You may not understand why right now, but He will show you that the “Rough Road” was a necessary part of your journey in arriving at your destination. Keep your eyes open!  Keep looking at your Father. You belong to Him. He’s got you in His arms!

sleeping in red wagonRest!  He will make the rough places smooth!  Isaiah 42:16

2 thoughts on ““Rough Road Ahead”

  1. Thank you Carmeta! I am glad you are following along and enjoying the posts! 🙂 God is so amazing! I am thankful He is with me every step and is the ONE pulling The Little Red Wagon! 🙂


  2. Carmeta Francis

    Marcy my dear:
    As I was reading your day’s adventure, the song came to me.
    “It’s not an easy road we are travelling together ……..
    But Jesus stands beside you and lightens the pathway and carries every heavy load.”
    As you correctly said, trust and do not doubt.
    From a human standpoint it is very difficult to do, but as His children, we must learn to
    trust Him every step of the way.
    May Our Lord continue to direct your path. “Rest in Him”.

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