“Follow The Path”

“The Path” is individual. Everyone is on “A Path” but not on the same path.  Paths are individually designed based on where a person is in life. You will journey on different paths at different times in your life.

Many are searching for The Right Path“. Many question if the path they are on is “The Path”. Some long to be on “The Path” that others around them are following, believing that if they could only go and do the same then they will have arrived. Life will be all they hoped or expected.

fb_img_14884305488641To borrow from Dr. Tony Evans, “Often ‘The Right Path’ is NOT the easy path.”

You want “The Right Path” because you believe it will be easy.  Life will be good.  Everything will go smooth and you won’t have to face the hard things.  However, to get to “The Right Path” you must face challenges.  You will walk through the hard things, but your Father [God] will walk with you! As a matter of fact, He will go before you! (Isaiah 45:2)  He will take you by the hand and He will uphold you. (Isaiah 41:10)  Your job is to hold tightly to your Father’s Hand and don’t let go as you journey!

Image result for redwoods photosToday The Little Red Wagon journeyed from Santa Rosa CA to Arcata CA. Along the way there were mountains and Redwoods. Beautiful sights and barren places.  There were smooth, straight paths and there were rocky, rough paths with challenging twists and turns.

Related imageAt times it was difficult to even see the path ahead.  The only option was to TRUST that “The Path” was lovingly laid out by The Father. (Jeremiah 29:11)   He sees ahead. He knows the way. He allows you to journey through places that He knows are needed to get you to your destination. He knows that if you don’t go through these places, you won’t be able to get to the place He has prepared just for you.

Nothing can happen that He cannot handle. (Luke 1:37)  He will protect you. He will carry you through the tough places.  Sit tight in The Little Red Wagon.  Your Father is pulling you safely on “The Right Path”.  Will you trust Him?  Will you follow “The Path” wherever it leads?  Are you willing to face the challenges along the way and receive the wonderful gifts He has in store for you?


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