“Matters of the Heart”

What moves your heart? What truly, deeply moves your heart to the point of being overwhelmed with emotion? What makes you weep tears of pure joy?

What if there is Someone Who knows your heart, truly knows your heart and what makes you tick? Someone Who loves you with such an amazing love that you are left speechless and in awe. This LOVE is so deep, so high, so great that it’s overwhelming.

happy-heartImagine being loved beyond measure. Having your need for love purely met. Whatever makes your heart sing is carefully, lovingly picked out just for you! Imagine having Someone love you unconditionally. Someone Who makes you smile. Someone Who makes you laugh, cry, and giggle uncontrollably. Someone Who knows you inside out and loves to give you sweet gifts every day. Someone Who listens to you and remembers the little things. Someone Who is always waiting to have intimate fellowship with you. Someone Who will never leave you, even in the dark times. Can you imagine this kind of LOVE?

The Little Red Wagon continues moving forward as it departs Ventura CA this morning heading to Santa Rosa CA. Along the way there are beautiful sights as you witness how awesome The Creator of the Universe is and how creative is His work. He draws your eyes to just the right gifts that He personally picked out just for you. He is your loving Father Who loves to surprise you with things that He knows move your heart. Things that He knows you love and will make you smile and even take your breath away.

As great as all the little things are, your Father loves to give you the BIG things as well. Things that move your heart to being so overwhelmed with LOVE and that remind you that He is near. He is your Father Who LOVES you with an amazing love. “…for the Father Himself loves you…” John 16:27

You are driven to tears of joy as your heart realizes how deep, how high, how great is THIS LOVE that overwhelms you! “How precious is your steadfast love, O God!” Psalm 36:7

golden-gate-bridgeToday was one of those days where the LOVE was so overwhelming that I was speechless; driven to tears of joy as The Little Red Wagon traveled right OVER THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! You may say, “Oh wow, no big deal, it’s just a bridge, so what?” The “so what” is that God knew what His daughter had hoped to see on this part of The Journey and He so lovingly surprised her by not only allowing her to see THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE but He actually placed her right on the bridge! And what’s even better is the SURPRISE of it all. The moment that she realized she was actually on THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! WOW! She was looking for it and wondering if she would see it and here she was traveling right on this bridge! She looked up into Her Father’s loving, beautiful face and tears of joy flowed as she was reminded that Abba loves her with an amazing LOVE!!!

matters-of-the-heartThis LOVE that you so desperately seek and that you feel is so elusive is waiting to fill your heart to overflowing, to leave you completely undone! Your heart was created to hold this LOVE, ALL of it and there’s ONLY ONE that is ABLE to LOVE you in this way. His Name is Jesus! He is eternal. He was here at the creation and He waits to fill your heart with a LOVE like no other, a LOVE that will blow you away, a LOVE that will NEVER fail you, ever! “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.” 1 John 3:16

He is knocking at your heart. He is whispering tenderly in your ears. He waits. Will you open your heart and invite Him to inhabit every inch of your heart?

dollhouse_miniature_red_wagon_21Will you receive His LOVE?

Go on JUMP! Take that LEAP and get into The Little Red Wagon.

Your Father waits to show you His amazing LOVE as He takes you on The Journey of your life.

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