“Curve Ball”

Nothing takes your Father by surprise. He knows the way. He knows what’s best for His child. He will bring you to the right destination. Will you trust Him, no matter what happens along the way? Will you stay in The Little Red Wagon as it continues moving forward towards the destination your Father has planned?

Leaving Phoenix AZ this morning traveling to Ventura CA. The Little Red Wagon is heading in the same direction towards the Pacific Northwest. It’s been a great ride so far, even with the twists, turns, and detours. The Journey is well worth all you encounter along the way. Why? Because your Father is pulling The Little Red Wagon and He knows the way. He will bring you safely to your destination and you will see that it is His best for you, His child!

SURPRISE! About an hour and a half into the journey this morning an unexpected phone call. What? Let’s PLAY BALL! Your Father throws you a CURVE BALL and you are wondering why? Why now? Why didn’t this call come before you jumped into The Little Red Wagon and started this journey across the country. You thought you were moving in one direction and now it seems that there might be a major change in the direction The Little Red Wagon is heading.

The phone call was a good, although unexpected surprise. A call that you had hoped would have come two months ago. You waited and prayed and hoped and prayed for that call. Your Father directed you to move forward and trust Him. He invited you to get in The Little Red Wagon and go on this journey with Him. You said yes! And here you are journeying with your Father when He surprises you with this unexpected twist!

Expect the unexpected! Your Father [God] is full of surprises and He loves to throw CURVE BALLS. curve-ballCURVE BALLS keep you completely dependent on your Father and prevent you from attempting to drive. Remember, you are His child, He is your Father. He is the One driving and you are the one riding.

A child sits in The Little Red Wagon with total abandon and trust. A child knows The Little Red Wagon is going to a good place because Abba is at the helm.child-red-wagon

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

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