“The Wilderness”

What images pop into your head when you think of the Wilderness?  Have you ever been in the Wilderness?  What did you experience in the Wilderness?  What did you see in the Wilderness?  Does the thought of the Wilderness bring you excitement or fear?

The Wilderness evokes a flurry of emotions that can be different for each person depending on that person’s experience and perspective.  You probably would not consider the Wilderness part of a loving Father’s plan. When you climbed into The Little Red Wagon you certainly never imagined your Father would pull you right into the Wilderness.

Image result for the wildernessThe Wilderness is not a place that most would want the journey to take them.  However, it is in the Wilderness where you will most certainly be broken. Brokenness is where healing and being made whole takes place! This is the place that you are stripped of all things so you can find the only thing that matters. This is the place of complete surrender and trust. Your Father loves you and wants the best for you.  He wants to show you that complete surrender to Him brings you safely to your destination.

Related imagePicture this, you are journeying through a very barren area. It is dry and mostly looks flat and lifeless.  Then you see a sign that reads, “Think Wilderness”.  Why would anyone want to Think Wilderness?  What is attractive about being in the Wilderness?  As you continue your journey you see a sign that reads, “NO BOUNDARIES! NO LIMITS!”

Interesting, in the Wilderness that’s exactly what you have, “NO BOUNDARIES! NO LIMITS!”  In the Wilderness there are no signs to direct your way; no stops, no walls.  You can go and go and go–NO LIMITS!  It’s just you and your Father.  This is the place where you can either hold tight to your Father and arrive safely at your destination or let go of Him and wander aimlessly never arriving at your destination.  The choice is yours!

Will you climb into The Little Red Wagon and hold tight to your loving Father as He brings you safely to your desired haven?  …”they were glad because they were quiet, So He guided them to their desired haven.” Psalm 107:30

2 thoughts on ““The Wilderness”

  1. I did not put where I am traveling with this post so for those who are interested and following my journey, The Wilderness signs and the barren area was off of Highway 10 West from Sunland NM (border of El Paso TX) to Phoenix AZ! Thanks for reading my blog and journeying with me and with your Father, Who loves you!


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