Traveling can be very enjoyable at times and very wearying at other times.  There are times that you really enjoy the road and other times you just long to arrive at your destination.

Most are longing to arrive at their destination.  Weary from the journey, wanting the peace and tranquility that is believed to be found at the end of the road.  But wait, what happens when you get to the end and things are not so wonderful?  This is not the way you pictured the end.  Now what?

This is where Perspective and Trust is needed most!  You can either wallow in the negative, unproductive thoughts that are playing out in your head or you can choose to see through the eyes of your Father [God] and Trust Him!  Ask Him to enable you to see your circumstances through His eyes.  Choose to trust that He has a purpose and a plan (Jeremiah 29:11).  Children joyfully ride in The Little Red Wagon, believing that their Father knows the plan and will bring them safely to their destination.

Image result for expectationsArriving in Sunland NM after a long day of driving with strong winds and lots of blowing sand, the place I booked was a challenge to find. Once I finally found it, tired, weary, desperately wanting to unload my car and get some much needed rest and refreshment, no answer at the door or by calling the host by phone!   You can only imagine all the thoughts running through my mind! What?  Why is this happening?  This can’t be right!  The host arrived about 15 minutes later and upon entering the home, things were not as expected.

Expectations!  We all have expectations and when our expectations are not met, we can either choose to wallow in the negative or we can turn to our Father and ask for His perspective.  Once I did that, I was able to relax, trust Him, and look for what He wanted to do in, through, and for me and for my host in this circumstance. Amazing results!

Image result for expectationsYour Father is so good in this way!  Let go of your expectations, trust your Father, sit in The Little Red Wagon, and allow Him to do amazing things in, through, and for you!



2 thoughts on ““Expectations”

  1. Oh yes. Thank you Lord that by your Holy Spirit we CAN be Christ minded. Thank you Lord for all of those expectations that lead us back to you. Praise you Lord for Marcy”s obedience to follow your leading. Amen

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