The Journey takes many twists and turns along the way, even detours.  As you follow the path, you may question whether you are on the right path or whether you made the right decision to follow this particular path. This is the intersection where you will either jump ship or embrace the journey.  This is when you must believe with all your heart that you are riding safely in The Little Red Wagon being pulled by your Father Who knows the way!

A detour can be a good thing, it’s all a matter of perspective.  The way you look at a situation determines the way you will think and feel about that particular situation.  You can choose to look at a situation through the eyes of a child, believing that your Father loves, cares for, and will do what’s best for you. You can also suffer unnecessary added pain by choosing to look at your situation through the eyes of unbelief and mistrust.

A detour can bring much joy and delight. Think about road trips you have taken where you went off the main path to explore and what you found brought you much pleasure.  Perhaps a really neat swimming hole, a gorgeous waterfall, some beautiful wild flowers, or a breath-taking mountain view.

A detour can bring hard things and pain. You may feel like you are stuck in this detour forever and the pain will never end.  This is where perspective is extremely important! Sometimes the detour is temporary and other times the detour becomes your new normal.

Taking a detour can bring you into new relationships that you would not have known otherwise. The detour can bless you with beautiful things you would never have known had you not gone down that path. Embrace the detour and TRUST that your Father knows the way and knows how to bring beauty from ashes! Keep going! “DON’T LOOK BACK!”

As I traveled from Kerrville TX to SunLand Park NM the road was long and flat and at times quite boring.  However, along the way, my Father directed my attention to His beautiful creation and brought peace to my heart. He spoke His Truths to me as I journeyed with Him.  One sign off to the right of the highway with a black background and white lettering, really caught my eye  “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” !!!!

At one point finding a place to pull off for gas or food seemed nearly impossible!  Watching the gas tank get lower and lower to the point of nearly empty and still no place to stop to fill up the tank can make you quite anxious and concerned.  That’s when you must remember Who is pulling The Little Red Wagon!

Praying and pleading for my Father to carry my vehicle to the next city which was farther away than the miles to empty. That’s when I took a detour off an exit that was supposed to have a gas station only to find that it was gone! Completely abandoned, like a ghost town!  Yikes!  Why did I take this exit?  I don’t have enough gas for this detour! Praying harder and begging to not run out of gas and be stranded!  Tired, weary, hungry, too many hours without a break!  All of this can cloud your eyes and blind you to the TRUTH!

A change in perspective was all that was needed!  Thanking Him and praising Him that He is able to provide; He is able to create out of nothing! Believing and trusting that He is able to pop up a gas station in the middle of nowhere!  Soon enough, just in time, over the horizon something popping up, drawing nearer proved it is a gas station!  Hallelujah! Praise You Father! Providing just in time!  And even better….another perfectly timed message… “NO MATTER WHAT, TRUST GOD” !!!!  No Way!  I could not believe my eyes! 🙂  Yes Way!  Hallelujah!!!

What an incredible, loving Father that places perfectly timed messages to encourage you and remind you of His love for you as you journey with Him in The Little Red Wagon.



8 thoughts on ““TWISTS, TURNS, DETOURS”

  1. In the past, when I have nearly run out of gas, I have learned another lesson. That lesson is planning ahead so that I don’t get in the predicament again, if at all possible! Sometimes God’s grace allows us to stretch our wisdom to new limits, instead of only stretching our faith. Both are possible in the same encounter!


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  2. Hi Marcy my dear:

    As you journey on, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    May you continue to get closer and closer to our Lord and Savior. I know that He will guide, protect and take good care of you as you journey with Him. His promises are so true, “He will never leave you or forsake you.” STAY CLOSE TO HIM AND HIS BEAUTIFUL CREATION.
    Love always.


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  3. Thank you Marcie! God is amazing! So wonderful how He keeps confirming the path I’m on and showing His amazing Love every step of the way!
    I hope you are seeing yourself in The Little Red Wagon and trusting Him for everything in your life!



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