“No Matter What, Trust God!”

fb_img_14876311595591Oh how beautiful to just trust!  Have you ever just completely trusted?  Perhaps when you were a child and you were learning to swim and your father or mother encouraged you to jump to them into the water.  You jumped because you knew your father would catch you!  That’s complete trust, no matter what!  Whatever happens, you know you are safe in your Father’s [God] arms!

On the journey there are many unknowns.  When to stop and where to stay along the route are foremost at this moment.  This is the time to trust your Father, He’s got this!  He knows the way and He is the One pulling The Little Red Wagon!  So just let go and ride along trusting that you will be safe in His Arms every step of the way.

Amazingly He always makes a way!  As I prayed and waited and tried to figure it all out, He was at work bringing all the pieces together so beautifully.  I could not find a place to stay along the route that was closer so I agonized about having to drive for over 11 hours (without stops, more with stops). However, my Father was taking care of the journey! If only I could just relax and trust I would save myself all the wasted energy.  He sees what my eyes cannot and He knows what I need before I even utter a word.  So like a good Father, He takes care of His child.

He provided a wonderful place to stay with a gracious, beautiful soul that is about four and a half hours from Sugarland TX in Kerrville TX at just the right moment!  Smiling and thanking Him because He knows, He sees, He is ABLE, and He ALWAYS comes through in amazing and unexpected ways!  That’s Love.  A Father knows what His children need and is ready to provide.  He is a good Father!

Setting out Saturday morning for Kerrville.  Looking forward to the next stop along the route and to all my Father is showing me as I ride in The Little Red Wagon!

Go ahead, JUMP!  You’re Father WILL catch you!

2 thoughts on ““No Matter What, Trust God!”

  1. HI Marcy, so happy to see you have been blessed in Kerrville. I look forward to reading more of your incredible journey. You are an encouragement to me. Gail

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